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Swing, not your Parents Pinnocle Night

LifeStyle Culture Common Practices

The "culture" or "lifestyle" is a non-monogamous behavior in which both singles and partners in a committed relationship, agree to engage in sexual activities with others as a recreational or social activity. 

 Every relationship is different and how you choose to participate is a joint decision. The decision to venture into the world of "Swinging" or "Kink" is fluid, ever changing, exciting, and a learning experience for  you and your partner(s).  This is an opportunity to explore and push limits and cross barriers. Dip your toe into the water, always respect your partner's response and maintain a healthy and open line of communication. 

Swinging isn't just for couples. Single men and women are welcomed into fantasies and exploration with a couple or connections with another singles attending the Club/Event. It is usually by invitation only, and singles are usually limited to keep a healthy balance for those attending. 

  • Soft Swinging: Exploring voyeurism together as a couple agreeing to watching another couple while both performing a sexual act with their partner. If agreed by all parties' ease into shared foreplay, touching and oral. There is no vaginal penetration during this exploration. Soft swinging is intended to be a turn on for couples and only to spice things up a little and to have fun. No vaginal penetration or intercourse will occur.

  • Closed Swinging: Known as "wife swapping", two couples exchanging each other's partner in separate environments. By closed swinging both partners in a couple have an intimate experience to share the dirty details alone together, afterwards. 

  • Open Swinging: Couples swapping and having sex in the same room at the same time and even on the same bed. This implies orgies and it's an opportunity for exploring exhibitionism and voyeurism. Open swinging allows a freedom to reach into your mind and body engaging in your sexual fantasies and desires. 

Lifestyle Etiquette

  • There is a saying that arriving on time is quarter till...not top of the hour. Coming in after the specified arrival time can be awkward. This is a time of socializing and meeting new people and reconnecting with old acquaintances. If you must arrive late, give a courtesy text to the Host/Hostess.

  • The goal is for your night is enjoyable, and activities may be planned based on the confirmed RSVP's . 

  • It's always great to have a partner or come as a couple, however, make sure the person you bring to the Event is aware that is a lifestyle event or agreed prior to attending to explore this with you. Remember communication and respect is essential.

  • No means No. There is no other way to say's flattering when approached, but not everyone is that right connection for you. Attending a Lifestyle club or event is not an open invitation to explore your fantasies or pleasures with EVERYONE there. A polite decline is all that is required. 

  • Maintain your dignity and drink responsibly. Socializing and alcohol is part of most social platforms, overindulging in alcohol is not acceptable and you may be asked to leave without a future invitation.

  • This is not a request: Practice Safe Sex! It is up to every swinger to protect themselves and their partner. The use of condoms should not ever offend anyone.  

  • Your body is your Temple, treat it that way. Practice proper hygiene, show up in the best physical and mental space in order to enjoy the Lifestyle as it is intended. 

Enjoy the possibilities of the night, approach the event with an open mind and positive attitude.  Act out your fantasies and HAVE FUN.

What to Bring

Unlike other events and/or parties where you usually just bring yourself, at a lifestyle event it is strongly encouraged to bring other items with you to accompany your experience. 

The following is a basic list of items you should bring with you during an event:

  • Condoms (both latex and non-latex)

  • Lube (Neutral)

  • Robe or lingerie (Something themed)

  • Change of clothes

  • Toiletries (i.e. deodorant, mouthwash, small towel, soap, lotion, etc.)

  • Breath mints 

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