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About us


Who We Are

PLEASURE4THEMOMENT is an alternative lifestyle group for upscale adults who've always desired to have a sexual encounter with consenting adults of all ages, body types, genders and ethnicities.

PLEASURE4THEMOMENT offers a safe environment to indulge in all your secret fantasies with mutual consent.  Our venue is Secret Diversion home of the Red Door Lounge.  Our social club offers activities that promote participation within whatever genre you practice.  We encourage Lifestyle Swing participants, BDSM families and most KINK communities.  We draw a hard line at scat, blood and activities that are not legal in the Vanilla society. With proper presentation we will consider kinks that we have not yet had an opportunity to be educated on yet.  

While our atmosphere is sexy, sensual positive, we encourage participants to live out the lifestyle of their choosing with respectful, mutual consent.  ALL activities within the party are by expressed consent only, NO MEANS NO. You will never be pressured or expected to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.  Aggressive, unwanted coercion and rude behavior will not be tolerated.

Your privacy is highly valued and treated with the utmost respect.  P4M is not associated with any of organization and will not release your information to anyone. 


To respect our guest, we also ask that all cell phones are kept in your purse or pocket in the Common areas, and NOT ALLOWED AT ALL in the "Play" areas.

We ask that everyone read our Rules & Regulations along with our new Club Rules | Pleasure4TheMoment.

We are one of the few membership groups that welcome select single males in addition to couples and single ladies, striving for a balanced atmosphere.

Membership information can be found at

Our Story

We love that people can be open and express their sexuality freely. During our early years in the lifestyle we came across too many mismanaged locations and unsafe groups. So we feel obligated to provide a safe, clean and discreet place for celebrating the various Kink, Fetish and BDSM Community traditions where persons of quality get together to share like-minded experiences.


Our PARTY MASTER works with other group leaders, services and organizes with people in the community lifestyle .  We update our website to share the multitude of possibilities, helping you create the ultimate  experience of non-monogamous behavior, engaging in recreational or social activities.  If you like upscale people and venues then join our group.

2022 is proving to be an exciting year already! Offering Lifestyle parties, Special Events, Munches, Educational seminars at our new event house, Secret Diversions.  Offering a membership providing an inspired environment for managed events, planned fantasies and additional services.  Go to My Bookings and select "Our Services" to get started with your own one of a kind, exquisite adventure. We always are excited to meet and mingle with people in the lifestyle

Our Queen & Event Master

We all have a kink; mine is a Trifecta. Some call me Mistress Michelle, (my subs/slaves). Care to interview? Sign up on the Event Page!


Others call me the Party Master; becomes I am passionate about other fantasies helping create your next event, munches, infused Dinner Parties and Educational sessions.  


Let me help inspire your imagination to run wild; go to My Bookings and select "Our Services" to get started with your own, one-of-a-kind, exquisite adventure.

I'm a Libra, who brings creativity, balance and eroticism to the lifestyle.  I'm open and honest and always blunt. Tact is not my strong suit. I am what I am.


The erotic side of my Zodiac introduces me as passionate, caring, loving and sweet, seductive and erotic. Classy, intelligent, charismatic, and mysterious.