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Beloved Volunteers

Thank you for considering Pleasure4theMoment as your Member Only Event Source.  We are an alternative lifestyle group for upscale adults who've always desired a judge-free environment with consenting adults 21 & over, body types, genders and ethnicities.  

Pleasure4theMoment  could not be successful without our Beloved Volunteers.  As a Beloved Volunteers we respect the time you spend helping this Club , your Club.  Ask me how you can be apart of this Elite Circle.

Member Section

Pleasure4theMoment is a private Membership group, socially safe environment for all ethnicities, race, genders, and sexual orientation. We entertain people who are interested in QUALITY not QUANITY. Mature, like minded people in the Lifestyle are encouraged to join P4M. 

"2020-The Year of Reflection" has taught P4M that we need to know the people in our surroundings.  Being a Private Membership group will helps us personally to review members for quality events. Becoming a Membership group allows us to approve our services to our guests and manage the numbers to stay compliant with Covid-19 for quality events.


​Membership will be included in your first donation to an Event.  You will be reviewed, then given a code to purchase your Membership/Event. ​

For the time being, we strongly encourage a Covid-19 test before you attend an Event.  Anyone with a Covid-19 test within 3 days of an event, receives an additional 10% off donation for your next event and if you have the vaccine shot you receive 20% discount on donations. This is on top of your Membership 10% discount on donations.  Attending one of our exclusive road trips planned for 2021 will be for Members only.

How to become a Member

  1. Log In and fill out a Membership Form

  2. Membership Form is reviewed by a P4M Member

    • Your profile is Marked Pending

  3. Register for a Pleasure4theMoment Event with your Membership dues.

  4. You are now officially a Member of P4M.

  5. You are available to start receiving the below Member Benefits

  6. ***Daily Memberships are marked Pending until Membership Dues are paid

    • Membership Benefits do not apply


Annual Membership Benefits:

  • P4M Members receive first notification of all upcoming events

  • 10% discount at next event,  with a Covid-19 Negative test results within 3 days of Event

  • 20% discount at next event, with a vaccine proof

  • 10% discount on P4M Events for the year.

  • 10% Discount on Event Services

  • 10% Discount on Fetish Service

2021 Membership Dues 

  • Couple (Male/Female)      $50 for the year

  • Single Male                        $75 for the year

  • Single Female                    $10 for the year

If you are attending a Managed Event , you can utilize a Day Membership.  This is only good for the Event night.   

Guest Member Pass + suggested donation of the Event 

Guest Member passes are for one use only, which is the night of the Event. 

  • Couple (Male/Female)       $25 

  • Single Male                         $25 

  • Single Female                       $5 

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P4M's Beloved Volunteers

P4M's Beloved Volunteers are the backbone of our success.

What is in it for you?

  • As a Beloved Volunteer, you will receive a P4M Badge on the website. 

  • You will work 2 hours on and 2 hours off; so you can enjoy the Event as well.

  • You will wear a P4M armband.