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P4M Loyalty Cards

P4M has loyalty cards!! For every PAID P4M event or PAID P4M affiliated event you will receive a P4M stamp after the 4th event your 5th is 1/2 OFF.  After your 9th event your 10th event is FREE.  Rules are below. 

About P4M Loyalty Cards

Existing Loyalty Card Holder:

1. At check-in have your P4M Loyalty Card stamped with the P4M stamp, if this was not a FREE event for you. 

2. Anything other than a P4M official stamp is not accepted as a stamped.


New Loyalty Card Holder:

1. At check-in you will receive your 1st P4M Loyalty Card.

2. You will receive one (1) stamp. This is a promotional Stamp for a limited time only.

3. Get your 2nd stamp at check-in.  

4. Government Name (required) and EXP. DATE is Month/Year. Example 10/2024 will be put on the card.

5. Before each stamp your ID will be checked against this card.


General Rules 


2. Couples get 1 card per couple and 1 (one) stamp per event

3. Must see their Gov. ID and that is the name put on the P4M Loyalty card.

4. You only get a stamp if it is a PAID P4M or PAID P4M affiliated event.

5. If it is a FREE event for the card holder NO STAMP

6. Before you have your card stamped, the event attending was FREE, NO STAMP

7. If you forgot their card, P4M will not back stamp your card.

8. You can get another card, BUT multiple cards cannot be combined for a 50% off or 100% off event.

9. When you are ready to retrieve 50% or 100% event, text 202-599-7107 to get a coupon code. Must TEXT a picture of the front and back of the card to 202-599-7107.

10. You must be registered on P4M site.

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